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Desiring to be Spiritually Reborn, Let Us Be a Pioneer of Salvation

Desiring to be Spiritually Reborn, Let Us Be a Pioneer of Salvation

2014 New Year’s Message

Happy New Year 2014 to you!

I am so grateful that we have begun a new year peacefully and have been
revitalized through the prayers of Kyoshu-sama and through the Divine protection
of God and Meishu-sama.

Praying to be spiritually reborn as a child of God, it is desirous to envelop our new year with the Great Light of God by earnestly studying Meishu-sama’s Teachings and receiving the compassionate guidance from Kyoshu-sama. Also, I would like to practice the three Pillars of Salvation together with you so that we can become a Pleasant Person and a Pioneer of Salvation. Feeling this innate joy and gratitude welling up from within, let us share this Love and Light with all people around us.

Making Up For What Is Missing In The Society

We are now facing a difficult time, but what do you think we can do to create a
better world under such turbulent social conditions?

There are many ways to counterbalance the current challenging social conditions such as the practice of Ji-jyo (self-support), Go-jyo (mutual support), and Koh-jyo (public support).

Ji-jyo means to not solely rely on others and to accomplish things independently. Go-jyo means to help each other. Koh-jyo means to ask for public assistance such as governmental support.

Observing the current social affairs in Japan based upon the above perspectives, we can find positive news such as the awarding of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, and the recent positive signs of economic recovery. On the other hand, we also hear negative news such as the decrease in population numbers; an aging society; the delay of the 2011 Northeast earthquake reconstruction in the damaged areas; the rising sales tax; the nuclear power plant issues; the national pension issues and so on. These negative issues have been making Japanese people feel uneasy and insecure because they do not think the federal and local governments have been forthcoming in providing enough aid.

We should not idly stand by without taking action. At this time, we feel Koh-jyo, the public support component, is lacking and it is time that we ourselves take a stand to develop and firmly implement the other two support pillars, Ji-jyo and Gojyo. This should make up for what is lacking in the current system.

Conscious Application of Ji-jyo and Go-jyo

To a person who has true faith in God, Ji-jyo, self-support, does not mean to put all of our confidence solely in ourselves. When you apply it, it is important for us to trust God fully, and to live each day by leaning upon the “Staff of Love” as Meishu-sama taught us. We should always pray to God asking for His Will and Guidance, receiving spiritual nourishment of a newborn each time we pray. We should also practice the evolution of our souls and the ennoblement of our character as exemplified in the Teaching entitled, “The Importance of Self-Improvement”—read as part of this New Year’s Day Service.

This self-improvement and love should be nurtured and become a positive influence on the people around us. It is, therefore, vitally important for us to read the Teachings daily, channel Johrei consistently, eat natural food regularly and practice Naturefarm gardening. Also, we should uplift our home environment so that we can create warm and peaceful settings filled with love and gratitude.

Our Johrei Centers should be a place where such “Pleasant People” come together, and more and more citizens of the community become attracted to and drawn to the positive vibration of those happy members.

Most importantly, Ji-jyo, self-support, and Go-jyo, mutual support, are not separated practices. There is a proverb that states, “Heaven helps those who help themselves,” but to me, it should be stated, “Heaven helps those who help others.”

Nidai-sama wrote in one of her poems:

Those who love humanity
And help people in need,
Are always loved and protected by God
Wherever they may go. [In Service to Humanity 45]

Go-jyo, mutual support, will naturally occur and spread to all communities if we
remember this poem and put it into action.

By striving to become a person who can be of service to others, we will be allowed
to develop an unshakeable faith and receive virtue that will raise our spiritual level.
This will subsequently lead us to a life of happiness. By practicing this, Go-jyo
will inherently contribute to the development of a person’s Ji-jyo as well.

We should believe in this principle of Truth, and take the initiative by practicing love for others so that we can become a Pioneer of Salvation, and become a person
who God fully blesses with His Infinite Love.

The Memorial Hall Construction Has Begun

I am very pleased to announce that the construction of Mokichi Okada Memorial Hall has begun at the Kyoto Sacred Grounds. This has been part of our long–cherished desire. Meishu-sama said that as the construction of the Kyoto Sacred Grounds makes progress, God’s Great Light will spread worldwide. Consequently, by giving service to this important project, we can also contribute to world expansion even though our physical work is being done domestically. It is important for us to keep this in our mindset as we do our best when giving Hoshi of any kind. I would like to conclude my New Year’s message with the promise that I will sincerely work for the construction of the Kyoto Sacred Grounds together with you.