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New Year Message Rev. Marco Negrao, President of Izunome Association, USA

New Year Message Rev. Marco Negrao, President of Izunome Association, USA

Dear Members and Friends,

Happy New Year!

“We at Izunome Association, USA believe we must be newly born, once more, as the children of God, recognizing that our true Parent is the Eternal and Living God”.

As we enter 2017, it is of most importance for us to prepare ourselves spiritually and further study what it means to truly fulfill our individual missions of being born anew. In order for us to do this we seek to study Meishu-sama’s teachings following our spiritual leader Kyoshu-sama’s messages from the Sacred Grounds in Japan. 

So that we may align our sonnen, our thoughts, hearts, and prayers with the Sacred Grounds in Japan and with members around the world, we published at this website for you, the New Year’s message written by Kyoshu-sama, and the new year message by Rev. Kobayashi, World President of Izunome.

You may print it, and/or read them online. 

Please note that the message from Kyoshu-sama in English is not a translation. It was written by Kyoshu-sama in English, giving much thought and consideration to each word chosen.  

It is our wish that those messages will be useful to each of you in your relationship with God, in your spiritual growth and the fulfillment of your missions. 

We look forward to serving with each of you this year as we bring this good news to as many people as possible.  


Rev. Marco Negrao