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Faith Experience – Johrei

Faith Experience – Johrei

My name is Debora Hioki, I would like to share my recent experiences related to guiding new people to Johrei.
Last month, I watched a faith Experience from Angelita Castro, an Ikebana Sangetsu instructor, from Washington D.C. Center, during the March monthly appreciation Service in Toronto.
I liked her testimony very much, so much so, that I watched the video many times. From her testimony, I found three very important point that fixed in my mind:

1) Meishu-Sama, I’m here to help people;
2) Meishu-Sama, Please comes with me;
3) There is no coincidence.

I have few Brazilian friends who live in my neighborhood, and we haven’t seeing each other for sometime. So, I decided to promote an afternoon coffee meeting to reconnect us. I prepare it with my hearth full of love, aiming, that they would feel happy. And thinking: Meishu-Sama, I’m here to help people.
Before I started the preparation, I prayed to Meishu-Sama:
Meishu-sama, please comes with me, Meishu-sama manifest though me.

To my great surprise, when they entered my house, everyone comment that they felt my apartment was very bright. Interestedly, my apartment does not receive to much sun light directly, due to its position.

During our coffee meeting, when someone started to prescribe drugs in front of me, I had an opportunity to mention that my son had never taken antibiotics, and I always give him Johrei. Something, they had already heard from me before, because I always told them about it.

After the coffee meeting ended, one neighbor decided to stay a little more time. So, I offered her Johrei and she agreed to receive their first Johrei. Passed few days, less than a week, she contacted me again, for us to have another coffee. Then I thought: There is in the coincidence, she wants more Johrei.

Another person, who also participated in the coffee meeting in my home, couple days after it, called me inviting me to have lunch at her home with her family. Again, I thought: There is no coincidence. I believe her ancestors wants me to give Johrei to this family. Before leaving to her home for the lunch, I prayed to Meishu-Sama and asked: Meishu-sama, please comes with me. After I arrived at her home, I noticed my friend was still preparing the lunch. Then, I asked her: would you like me to give Johrei to your two children while you are preparing the lunch? She said yes, that her husband, the father, said: In fact, we are the ones, who needed more. I was grad they allowed me to give Johrei to their kids. After the lunch I also had the permission to give Johrei to the father too. At the end, I had given Johrei to three people for the first time that day.

Three days passed, after the coffee meeting, another woman who also participated, called me, inviting me to have lunch with her family.

Once again I realized that my mission was to give Johrei to them. Because “There is no coincidence.”

So before leaving home, I prayed, Meishu-Sama, I’m here to help people. This time, we went to a restaurant. While we were in our way to the restaurant, sitting in the back seat with the kids, I asked: mom could I do Johrei to the children? She replied: yes. And I gave to all three children. In the next day, the mother reported that when she got home, incredibly all kids slept for hours, and the baby just woke up on followed day, telling also that this had never happened before.

Passed only one day, she invited me again to have lunch, this time at her home, and the kids were there too. Arriving at her home I could see how her older son was irritated child, and I noticed his shoulders were very stiff hard.

I told the mother that it was important that he receive a lot of Johrei. The reason was because his shoulder were very stiff meaning that he had accumulated a lot of toxins in this area, which generated this irritability on him.

The mother and three children received Johrei. Before leaving, she became interested in reading the book basic principle of Johrei, to better understand the effect of Johrei.

I am taking a 15 lessons in a French Writing course at the Montreal university. In an attempt to create a network, I decided to change to a different chair in my class room.

I sat next to a Canadian lady (one whom it was not in browsing a cell during breaks, and could look at me. In each class we talked a little more, and she told me about her life and her financial situation. Preparing to go to my 12th class, I thought, the course is already finishing and I did not have permission to give Johrei to anyone! So I prayed, Meishu-Sama, I’m here to help people.

During my 12th class, this lady mentioned to me about the difficulty her mother has to walk after a surgery. I thought: There is no coincidence. Then I told her about Johrei. That it was something like energizing, and when she received, she could think of her mother. I told her mother would received Johrei, through their spiritual cord, between mother and daughter. she asked me if it was Heiki and I said no, it is Johrei.

For my surprise she said, ahh I know it!! I had already received Johrei once in California. At that moment came the confirmation: There is no coincidence. When the class finished. We went to the cafeteria in the university, and there, i gave her Johrei.

I am very grateful for the lesson I leaned from the faith experience. In seven days I was blessed with the permission to give Johrei to eight people for first time, and a Canadian, in total 9 people. These experiences confirmed to me the power of the Sonen strength in the practices of this three points:

1) Meishu-Sama, I’m here to help people;
2) Meishu-Sama, Please comes with me;
3) There is in coincidence.

I thank God and Meishu-Sama for permission to serve as this great work, and to my ancestors.

Thank you very much,

Deborah Regina Francisco Hioki
Izunome Association, Canada – Montreal Johrei Group
March 30, 2016