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Mrs. Guiomar Fernandes

Mrs. Guiomar Fernandes

On the February 2014, Sunday, after conducting the service, at Boston Cambridge johrei Center, Massachusetts, I went to assist a member with Johrei. This member was purifying seriously. This dear member, Mrs. Guiomar Fernandes, was 90 years old. Almost the whole family is member of Meishu-Sama. Mrs. Guiomar was laying down on a bed, in the living room, to receive johrei. She had fell down and broke her hip, days ago.

When I started johrei for her, I looked around and noticed that, on her left side, there were, hanging art pictures on the wall. Then, came to my mind that, those art pictures should be replaced by Meishu-sasma’s picture, considering, Mrs. Guiomar purification was too serious. The family has an extra Meishu-Sama’s smiling picture, that I placed on the wall, according to permission of the family.

Then, we continued johrei to her. About 10 minutes, after I placed Meishu-Sama’s picture, a masculine strong voice, manifested in one of Mrs. Guiomars’ granddaughter and started saying that, we should stop johrei and prayers, because that thing was bothering him. I approached him and asked, who he was and what he was looking for. He said, I’m the boss over here, I’m the one in charge and I’m going to need the soul of this sick person.

I told him, I’m going to help you – don’t worry! He replied to me: how can I trust you? Aren’t you going to deceive me. I said, no. You can trust me, but there is a request – you have to repeat after me; every thing I say. Then, I added something else: look at wall – The One is Meishu-Sama, the Messayah; He is going to help you, He is going to save you. He said, I don’t know this guy. I said; I know you don’t know Him, but this is not important. You just repeat my words after me.

I started the practice of sonen, guiding him to Meishu-Sama, take care of him, save him.
He started saying that something was burning him, and looked to feel, tremendous discomfort. He was complaining all the time. But, I continued the practice of sonen, it does not matter what, almost forcing him, to say Meishu-Sama’s name. Then, finally, after about, fifteen or twenty minutes, he was able to say with alleviation:
Meishu-Sama!!! Then, he left right way.

I see here, a clear conclusion: Mrs. Guiomar, was protected and embraced by Meishu-Sama and this entity, who was probably, degraded to the level of a demon, trying to take over, of a soul; could experience the chance to be saved by the Messiah Meishu-Sama. I really have the conviction that the benevolence of Meishu-Sama has saved him. Days ago, on the 11th of February, 2014, Mrs. Guiomar made a peaceful transition at 12:23 am.