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Nancy Cardoso

Nancy Cardoso

My name is Nancy Cardoso; I am a Johrei member from the Toronto Johrei Centre since 2008.

I would like to share with you my testimony about the power of Johrei.

I was guided to Johrei from a massage therapist who told me go to the Johrei Centre telling me that someone over there will help me.

After a very difficult divorce from a very destructive 10 years married, I initiated a new relationship, which I had my second daughter. But after this pregnancy and all the stress from it and from the previous marriage, I developed (or started?) to have panic attacks. I lost a lot a weight and I was very ill.

I don’t know how but I make to Johrei Center, I received a kind and caring welcome, and after my first Johrei, I felt very good. I was told that I be assisted until my recovery and I started to come to the Center to receive Johrei every day. I started to give service and read the teachings of Meishu-sama.

Day by day, I started to feel better and better, stronger and more positive about the future. I still had many challengers, to work to help to maintain my family, to raise my two daughters and take care of my husband, but I was able to care on all my responsibilities.

After three (2, 4, 6 ?) months, I felt completely recovered and I decided to receive the Ohikari, the Sacred Focal point to share Johrei to others.
Now I would like to share with you my most recent experience with Johrei:
My 10 years old daughter came down with a cold, which she complained of body ache, headache and a sore throat.

I started to channel her Johrei, and as always, I took her to the doctors to have her checked. The doctor stated it was a virus and took a throat swab to test for strep throat, and told me that when the result arrive, he would contact me if it came back positive. Therefore she would have to be put on antibiotics.

In the past, I would give her medicine to help her. However, this time, I decided to rely in Johrei.

In the mean time I continued to give her Johrei every night and prayed to God and Meishu-sama to help my daughter through this purification.

I was hoping that giving her Johrei would help her but sincerely, I was also afraid that she might be getting worse.

As day went by, her symptoms would decrease, and she hadn’t been complaining. Two days after taking her to the doctors, I received a call from the doctor’s office stating the throat swab tested positive for strep throat and that she would have to come in to pick up a prescription for antibiotics.

I then asked my daughter how she was feeling and she said “FINE”, BETTER THEN BEFORE. She no longer felt ill. I did take her back to the doctor to recheck. He still recommended she take the antibiotics even though she was feeling better, that if illnesses aren’t treated properly then it may cause other complications later on.

I took the prescription and thought about the doctor’s words and made the decision not to get it. I decided to continue giving her Johrei because I knew deep down that the antibiotics were unnecessary at this point and that Johrei was what helped her.

Through this experience, my faith in God and Meishu- Sama, and my trust in the power of Johrei growth more.

I will continue practicing home gardening, and sharing the products with my family and friends in my work and at the center, and also, with flower of light campaign.

Every Tuesday, I am responsible for the evening prayer, and I am now assisting two non-member, that I giving them Johrei weekly at the day of my service, supporting them to overcome their purification with Johrei.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to God, Meishu-sama for the permission to be in service for the divine work and Johrei.

It is my great hope that this testimony inspires many people to experience Johrei and brng Meishu-sama into their lives.

Thank you very much,
Nancy Cardoso