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Regis de Almeida

Regis de Almeida

Member since April 2004

My life is full of events, which lead me to believe that , in addition to being a miracle in itself, it is also full of miracles , which come to me incessantly. I’m doing everything possible to ensure that such events are not without their due , so I will discuss three of them which greatly influenced me the presence of God and Meishu – Sama with my ancestors.

Problem 1 : Shingles (Disease ) , in January 2007

In January 2007 I was going through a very stressful time in my life, then I started to feel in the region of my kidneys , some twinges that at the beginning I thought it was kidney stones , passing a few hours , the pain intensified , I felt as if they were sticking needles in my kidneys. Then came little rash, small wounds were like inside a circle. As the pain was intense I had to go to the Emergency Room and they confirmed that I had Shingles (A viral infection, which is housed in the nerves of the skin); The Shingles can last for weeks , months, years or perhaps lifetime. Some medications were prescribed.

After this diagnosis I decided to go to church, talk to the minister and receive Johrei . During the whole day I received several Johrei, and the minister oriented me to receive as many Johrei as possible , cleaning dedication , donation and prayer for the Ancestors. On the first day of intensive Johrei , pain decreased significantly, the third day following the guidance of the minister the pains disappeared . Where there were wounds, only scars remained. For me it was a great relief, a great blessing , because with this purification I could not work .

Since then, I began to consider very important the relationship with my ancestors , monetary donations, and dedication , as an indispensable and decisive factor for the salvation of my family lineage

The next experience was In April 2007

Experience Faith Regis de Almeida

I was in charge of transporting the Japanese ministers which were part of the Caravan of The Most Rev. Tetsuo Watanabe. For a week, my mission was to bring them to the Johrei Centers, and the tourist spots of South Florida. They were the technicians of the Audio / Visual Dept of the Church in Japan, and they were here to photograph and film the places and events of the visit of the Most Rev. Watanabe .

On the penultimate day, they asked me to take them to Key West , for me it was a surprise, since that day I was already very tired to face 4 hours trip up there. We left the Church of Boca Raton, passed by the hotel to pick up their luggage, and then went to my house to pick up my bag also. Before leaving we prayed The Amatsu – Norito in my Home Altar , asking permission to God and Meishu – Sama for the trip, it was exactly midnight . At first everyone was chatty travel and cheerful , but gradually came silence and everyone was sleeping , and I found myself driving without anyone to talk for hours and, a menacing drowsiness causing me panic. I remember when we were close of reaching the city of Key West, I completely lost consciousness, and woke up only when I heard a voice saying : ” … Here is the Hotel. Arriving safely at the place, for me was a miracle , so far I could not remember how we covered the distance between the bridge and the hotel. It took me almost a year until I fully convinced myself of the intervention of God, and the Messiah Meishu – sama and all ancestors , in this whole experience.

Problem 3 : Mr. Jacques Planeuf – On August 31, 2013

This time , I was working in one of the properties which I am responsible for maintaining the garden ; Mr. Jacques Phaneuf , a Canadian , about 80 years old , who lives in this condo notice me : “I had a lack of air and chest pain , I stop my job to talk to him and assess his condition. After verifying that Jacques was stressed and overwhelmed , I asked him to get into the house and rest a bit , and then I would see him, after I was done with my job, he agreed and went home.

As I was performing my work , I remembered Jacques attitude , because he was always intolerant , rough and always complaining about something . However, at that time , before me , Jacques was like another person asking for help, looking for someone to save him from that situation.

Also I thought that this was a time allowed by God and Meishu – Sama , which I should deal with much dedication , and also thought that this man was looking for help and was sent by the ancestors , because they knew that in me he’d find help. I tried to finish as fast as I could my job , and I went looking for Mr. Jacques . He was lying on the living room couch , I put a chair and sat down across from him asked if he believed in God and in the existence of spirit , and he told me: “ Well, just a little bit.”

I offered him Johrei , and he immediately accepted, for more than 40 minutes Jacques received Johrei, we talked about his health condition and the medicines he was taking.

Jacques recognized that he needed to improve his diet, and that the medicine were harmful and should be replaced with better nutritional value foods .

After a few minutes of receiving Johrei , Jacques improved his appearance and said he was feeling much better , so I told him that, if he wanted, I would take him to the Church where is better to receive Johrei facing the Altar of God. At time, Jacques was also informed about the principles of Johrei , and the importance of beauty in all things in our lives, and the importance of the remembering and worshiping our ancestors .

This experience gave me a very comforting feeling where the intervention of our ancestors, (mine and those of Jacques ) could be verified, and lead us to that stage , because they knew that by doing so, he would receive the necessary assistance, and also listen to words that serve as a warning , for he and I , this would change our thoughts and forge a path of more light.