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Kyoshu-sama’s Message – Beginning of Spring Service

Kyoshu-sama’s Message  – Beginning of Spring Service

In deep awe and fear of God, I say that God is the one and only, the Creator of everyone and everything. Where does He advance His divine work of creation? It is, without doubt, within each one of us. Therefore, if we wish to call our God the Creator, we must voice out to God and say to Him, “It is indeed You who advance the work of creation within me.”

Meishu-sama composed many hymns for us. I believe he did so in order to make us realize that God works within each one of us. Let us read the following hymn:

Open up your eyes!

Look and realize!

Can you not see the creative power of God
Working behind the seemingly destructive force?

Meishu-sama teaches us that even though at times we feel as if our hearts were ruled by a destructive power, we have to acknowledge that God, through it, works within us to advance His divine work. Our hearts are not governed by this destructive power; it is governed by and filled with the glorious power of God always.

Let us look at another hymn of Meishu-sama.

Like the sun,

The light of salvation emerges,
Bearing the name of Messiah.

It penetrates through the shadows

And completely obliterates the dark clouds!

Meishu-sama is telling us that no matter how much darkness covers our hearts, we possess a “spiritual body” – our true self – within us. He wants us to know that this spiritual body that bears the name of Messiah is the light of salvation and has the power to defeat any kind of darkness.

Meishu-sama teaches us that the most decisive power of salvation comes from the name of Messiah and that it is through this holy name that God advances His great work of salvation.

Without exception, each one of us, in heaven, in the world of our beginning, was granted this power of God that is one with the holy name of Messiah. God gave us a power, that is, the name of Messiah, to save everyone and everything.

Nevertheless, for a long time, we forgot that God granted us everything in heaven. We have been using the power of God as our own. Let us repent this. Let us return to heaven existing within us and give back all power to God – because He is the source of all power.

The power of God in heaven has the power to forgive, save and make us newly born as an eternal child of God. We are not yet a child of God; we have to be born once more to become one. At this time of Beginning of Spring, let us serve God with a renewed mind and spirit and serve in the power of God that is one with the name of Messiah.

May the grace of God be with all.

In the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, I surrender my whole self to God.

Kyoshu-sama Message Beginning of Spring Feb 4 2018