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Message to Members

Message to Members

Dear Beloved Members and Friends,

Thank you very much for your devotion, tireless efforts and continued support, in so many ways, as you participate in Supreme God and Messiah Meishu-sama’s work in America.

Personally, I deeply appreciate the love and consideration you have always given me these past years, and that for my family, too.

Having reached retirement age, it is time for me to step aside as head minister, make way for the younger generation, and surrender all to Supreme God and Meishu-sama, including my self, as Kyoshu-sama has shown us, in order to receive whatever has been prepared for me in the next chapter of my life.

At the same time, I will try to continuously and constantly remember that I am already newly born as a true child of God.

As you may have heard, there is a new Board of Directors for Izunome Association, USA. They are the Reverend’s Marco Resende Miyamichi, Marco Negrao, Paulo Santos, Romilson Candido and Felipe Germenink.

Our new President and Head Minister is Rev. Marco Negrao. Please extend to him the same support and consideration as you always showed me, for he will need your love and full cooperation in order to fulfill his new mission and spiritual responsibility.

Rev. Larry

Our Vice President is Paulo Santos, Secretary/Director of Expansion is Romilson Candido, Administrator/Treasurer is Felipe Germenink.

Supporting them as Assistant Treasurer is Terry Sato, Assistant Administrator is Guilherme de Souza, Expansion Department Secretary is Rodrigo Nagase.

All of these ministers have dedicated their lives to serving Meishu-sama, leaving their homes and families from far away to come to America and help fulfill Meishu-sama’s wish for the Salvation of America.

They have my deepest respect and gratitude for their sacrifices, in often very difficult situations, and I hope that you will honor, support and respect their efforts, too.

As for me, I plan to return to Japan and join my family in Kyoto, where Azusa will teach the seminarians Japanese, Andrew will go to school and I will await to receive you at the Heian-Kyo Sacred Grounds to give service together for the construction of Paradise on Earth.

Thank you for all,

Larry Ammar