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To all the members of Izunome Kyodan

To all the members of Izunome Kyodan

This month, it has been made clear that over a long period of time, Toho no Hikari has been following, wiretapping and secretly filming/photographing me.

My wife and I were meeting an old, trusted friend, an important time for me, during which we were secretly filmed/photographed and our conversation wiretapped. Not only that, without confirming with me at all, they publicly presented the information they obtained at a meeting with representatives from all three organizations gathered together on September 12.

For me, it was an important conversation on faith I was having with a dear friend. Toho no Hikari understood that as me receiving the teachings from him, thus the messages of Kyoshu have no legitimacy. I can only conclude that they set me up in this formulation and presented it with ill will.

It was not just Toho no Hikari that openly announced the contents from my being followed, wiretapped and secretly filmed/photographed.

President Kobayashi and Izunome Kyodan’s Board of Executive Directors in agreement with him, in the same way as Toho no Hikari, without confirming the facts with me at all, showed the information they obtained from following, wiretapping and secretly filming/photographing me on a large screen in front of not only almost all the Headquarters staff, but also those from outside, at a meeting held on September 27 at the Atami Zuiun-kyo Sacred Grounds Hall of Worship, asserting the same allegations as Toho no Hikari stated above.

At the Sacred Grounds, in which Meishu-sama and pioneer members put their very life into constructing, for the President, a representative of the organization, and those in the Board of Executive Directors to present information obtained by following, wiretapping and secretly filming/photographing someone, is deviating from the common course of action and is as base as one can be.

While some of the Executive Directors and the directors of regional areas are making great efforts to advance the drastic and thorough revisions of the organization, what are the Izunome Kyodan Board of Executive Directors doing?

Exactly what kind of Board of Directors would consent to publicly announcing to third parties, information obtained from wiretapping and secretly filming/photographing, without having confirmed with the person in question?

What if my wife were to the point that she could no longer go out, etc. because of the emotional injury received from this information secretly taken of my wife and I being coolly broadcasted? How would the President and the Izunome Kyodan Board of Executive Directors intend to take responsibility for it?

I do not want these types of people, including the President, to speak of Meishu-sama, nor of Meishu-sama’s teachings. What President Kobayashi and the Izunome Kyodan Board of Executive Directors did, needless to say, is inappropriate behavior for a person of religion and disgraceful behavior for a human being. Above all else, it has considerably marred the relationship of trust between Izunome Kyodan and myself.

Seeing that there are those like President Kobayashi and Board of Executive Directors under him, who would follow me, wiretap me, secretly film and photograph me, then publicly present those contents, it is no longer possible for me to be present at a service they are holding.

Again, in the presence of President Kobayashi, it is no longer possible for me to meet all of you members, including those from overseas. It is impossible for me to attend a sacred ceremony with those who look at my behavior with distrustful eyes and those who approve of me put under surveillance.

And seeing that the trust between myself and the Izunome Kyodan Board of Executive Directors has completely disintegrated, from here on, I have no choice but to suspend the blessing of sacred scrolls, Ohikari, etc. and the approval of their presentation.

Due to the actions of the President and Board of Executive Directors, I am very sad and regretful that I can no longer meet all of you, whom I love from the bottom of my heart. However, it is my sincere wish that the day will come when once again, I will be able to meet all of you at a service and together, turn our hearts to God and Meishu-sama.

Yōichi Okada, Kyōshu September 30, 2017