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About Us


The true mission of Johrei, and the work of our organization, is to bring about ideal conditions on earth, replacing the illness, poverty and strife now prevailing. Humanity cannot be saved through the restoration of physical health alone. This, therefore, is not the sole purpose of Johrei and our spiritual movement.

The ultimate objective is to bring about, by means of the purifying process of Johrei and through service, the necessary spiritual elevation and understanding that make possible an individual’s constructive participation in God’s plan.

Mokichi Okada was born on December 23, 1882, in Asakusa, Tokyo, and passed away on February 10, 1955. He began his adult career as a businessman/merchant. Then in 1926, he started receiving various Divine revelations. On June 15, 1931, he climbed Mt. Nokogiri, east of Tokyo, and received a major revelation regarding the transition from the age of night to the daylight age in the spiritual realm.

Based on this revelation, he initiated a spiritual movement, which is now known in Japan as Sekai Kyusei Kyo (a spiritual group for world salvation), on January 1, 1935. Since then, this new spiritual group has spread to all continents of the world. Followers throughout the world look up to him as their teacher, and call him, with respect and affection, Meishu-sama [Enlightened Spiritual Leader].

– Excerpted from “Meishu-sama, The Life and Mission of Mokichi Okada”.

We believe the Supreme God, the Creator of the universe, has planned for the establishment of Paradise on Earth from the very beginning of time. Throughout the ages, God has been working toward its fulfillment. For this purpose each human being is used as God’s instrument.

We believe that humanity’s past history has been the preparatory stage for Paradise on Earth. For each age, God had sent the necessary individuals and religions, each to accomplish a specific mission.

Now, the world is in such chaos that no one can predict what the future holds. We believe God entrusted Meishu-sama, our founder, with the great mission of providing the tools necessary for the world’s transformation, so that God’s plan for humanity’s salvation can be fulfilled.

We are determined to do our best to eradicate the three great miseries of humanity: disease, poverty and conflict, and to help realize an ideal world of eternal peace in which truth, virtue and beauty prevail.

– Excerpted from “The Beliefs of Sekai Kyusei Kyo”.

(Teachings of Meishu-sama, vol. 4)