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OFFICIAL STATEMENT (Revised September 4, 2018) Board of Directors – Izunome Association USA

OFFICIAL STATEMENT (Revised September 4, 2018) Board of Directors – Izunome Association USA

This statement aims to clarify the position of the Board of Directors representing Izunome Association, USA.

The Izunome Association, USA was founded on the principle of following the guidance of and respecting the position of the Spiritual Leader – Kyoshu-sama.

As many of our pioneer members today know and remember, our church, The Izunome Association USA was established due to this fundamental principal and desire – To follow the legitimate successor of the Holy Seat of Kyoshu. As Meishu-sama teaches us, this individual is the person who represents Meishu-sama here on this physical plane and is the Master of the Teachings – as the name implies by direct translation.

Izunome Association USA was founded on this principle by ministers and members here in the United States of America under the guidance and leadership of Izunome Kyodan’s directors, who at that time, were the sole supporters of the Holy Seat of Kyoshu.

Through the almost 20 years of our existence we have strived to learn from Itsuki Okada the late Third Spiritual Leader and Yoichi Okada the current spiritual leader in order to better understand Meishu-sama’s teachings so that we can, with an ever-stronger faith, become individuals who are truly seeking to live in accordance with God’s Will. This belief and faith has not wavered.

Let’s remember our church motto that we have been practicing since 2017:

• Awaken to an entirely new faith, in the name of Messiah, that is one with Meishu-sama
• Through Kyoshu-sama’s messages, know the essence of Meishu-sama’s teachings
• Become aware of the heaven within through the Sacred Grounds
• Convey this entirely new faith to as many people as possible, through our activities Johrei, Nature Farming/natural foods, appreciation of Art and Beauty
• Advance world-wide missionary work
• Cultivate this new faith with youth members This position and guidance stands true today.

Through the reports we are hearing, we believe that each member’s faith in God and Meishu-sama are only growing stronger as they are practicing Kyoshu-sama’s guidance. This is clearly demonstrated in our centers here in the USA and also from numerous reports of thousands of members following Kyoshu-sama’s guidance overseas.

The very principle our organization was founded on is being challenged at this very moment by parties who do not wish to recognize Yoichi Okada as the legitimate Kyoshu of Sekai Kyusei Kyo and its branch organizations. Until all legal disputes in Japan regarding this purification come to an end, Izunome Association USA will not recognize any directives or documents from Sekai Kyusei Kyo or Sekai Kyusei Kyo Izunome Kyodan which act to influence our directors, employees, or members by imposing, demanding or force their views upon Izunome Association, USA.

Board of Directors
Izunome Association, USA