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To all members of the Izunome Association in the United States and Canada

124 Jackson St, Newark, NJ07105


October 5, 2017

To all members of the Izunome Association in the United States and Canada,

You may have received information regarding the recent letter of our spiritual leader Kyoshu-sama, dated September 30, 2017, which we have also posted on our website and Facebook page.

I would like to clarify to you, our position as an organization in North-America regarding this current situation between President Kobayshi, the executive board and Kyoshu-sama.

In Japan, Sekai Kyusei Kyo is the umbrella corporation of three religious organizations. Toho no Hikari, Izunome Kyodan, and Su no Hikari. Izunome Kyodan is the religious organization under the umbrella corporation that we are affiliated with, our mother church.

Since its inception, the Izunome Kyodan has had as its main focus, a faith centered on the spiritual leader Kyoshu-sama.

Our organizations in North-America, Izunome Association USA and Izunome Association Canada, were founded under the same principle, and we are committed to practice our faith centered in Kyoshu-sama.

Therefore, nothing has changed regarding our focus. We will continue to have our focus and practices of faith centered on the spiritual leader Kyoshu-sama.

On my recent missionary trip to Japan, I could witness an overwhelming number of Japanese ministers and members who, like us, are studying and practicing, and will continue to study and practice Kyoshu-sama’s messages, with an unwavering faith.

In my own practice of faith, I’m surrendering to the Supreme God, in the name of Messiah, that is one with Meishu-sama, all these situations and concerns regarding President Kobayashi and the executive directors of our mother church.

I would like to encourage you to do the same, and together express to God that, despite these challenging times, we will proceed with this faith centered on the spiritual leader Kyoshu-sama, having the conviction that, since the All-powerful and All-knowing Supreme God is in control, this situation is being granted to us in order to make our selves and our church ones who are truly in accordance with God’s Will, and our faith ever stronger.
Through the practices of faith outlined in our 2017 directive:

• Awaken to an entirely new faith, in the name of Messiah, that is one with Meishu-sama
• Through Kyoshu-sama’s messages, know the essence of Meishu-sama’s teachings
• Become aware of the heaven within through the Sacred Grounds
• Convey this entirely new faith to as many people as possible, through our activities of Johrei, Nature Farming/natural foods, appreciation of Art and Beauty
• Advance world-wide missionary work
• Cultivate this new faith with youth members

And in the spirit of gratitude for your constant support, I am praying that your faith is solidified even more by following the wishes and guidance of our spiritual leader Kyoshu-sama.


Rev Marco A. Negrao